What care and maintenance is required for my natural stone countertops?

Natural stone is porous and will absorb fluids. The degree of porosity varies with different stone types. This means some natural stones require no maintenance – for example crystallo, taj mahal and other dense quartzites. Natural stone has been sealed with a penetrating sealer to make the stone more stain resistant. Staining can occur if the stone surface has prolonged exposure to oils, red wine, mustard, and other common household foods and liquids. Any prolonged exposure to acid based foods or liquids, such as vinegar-based products, citrus fruits and tomatoes, can also etch the stone surface, creating a loss of lustre. The use of coasters and ensuring all spills are immediately wiped up will help you stone remain beautiful.

Some stones are harder than other stones. Avoid cutting with a knife directly on the stone. It can scratch marble but other stones such as granite and quartzite will dull your knives.

Your stone care is simple. Clean your natural stone regularly with a mild soapy warm water (like you would wash your dishes). General purpose cleaners should NOT be used as they can damage your stone surface. Products containing lemon, vinegar, or any other acid or ammonia should NOT be used. This includes products such as Windex, Fantastic, Clorox, etc. The abrasion from abrasive cleansers or pads (such as Vim, Comet, Brillo pads, or Magic Erasers) will remove the polished finish. Products specially formulated for use on natural stone are available and are recommended.

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